Tablets have revolutionised how we work and play. At Home Express, we have a range of tablets and Apple iPads to meet your needs, from streaming movies to attending work meetings. Explore the full range of tablets from leading brands below.

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Find a Tablet that Meets Your Needs

Tablets are a portable touchscreen device that combines the functionality of a smartphone and computer. With these nifty devices, users can browse the web, consume their favourite media, and perform countless other tasks for work or leisure.


The large displays, typically between 5 and 13 inches, feature intuitive, easy-to-navigate operating systems from Android and Apple. Whether you opt for the user-friendly iOS of an Apple iPad or the customisable and open-source Android platform, each offers unique features and app ecosystems.


Some tablets offer expandable storage, while others, like the iPad, may rely solely on internal storage. Additionally, the availability of compatible accessories, such as styluses, keyboards, and docking stations, can enhance the versatility of your tablet for work and creative endeavours.


Whether for work or play, the right tablet can greatly enhance your digital experience. We have models available at several prices, each with different features and specs. While our high-end tablets offer premium features and performance, there are also budget-friendly options that provide excellent value. If you see a model you like, check the specifications to ensure it fits well!


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