Are you looking for a new lawnmower for sale in NZ? Lawns and gardens are the pride of the home. Keeping them looking tip-top requires the right gardening equipment. We have a range of different lawnmowers for all kinds of properties. Whether you have an extensive lawn or a small backyard, we have the necessary maintenance tools. Browse our range below, including standard, electric, and hand-push models!

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Find the Ideal Lawnmower for Sale

At Home Express, we deeply understand the profound satisfaction of a meticulously groomed and visually stunning lawn. We exclusively stock the best lawn and garden care brands to emphasise this commitment. Our comprehensive inventory reveals a wide range of lawnmowers meticulously designed to cater to lawns of all sizes and dimensions.


Everybody wants a lawn they can be proud of; Home Express can help you get it there. When you choose a lawnmower from us, you can trust that you are investing in more than just a gardening tool. You are acquiring a companion that delivers robust performance and unwavering reliability while maintaining user-friendliness. Our range of lawnmowers makes maintaining your garden's pristine appearance effortless.


Our selection of lawnmower models ensures you can find the ideal match for your unique lawn and its specific requirements. From the eco-conscious electric models embracing sustainability to the classic hand-push mowers for those who relish tradition, we've covered it all. Let Home Express be your partner in effortlessly transforming your lawn into a masterpiece for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

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Home Express is your one-stop shop. We offer everything from clothing and accessories to power tools and lawnmowers for NZ gardens. Whatever you need, check the Home Express range to find the best brands at affordable prices.