Rangehoods are an important part of any kitchen/stovetop setup, ensuring a clean and safe space for food preparation. Our kitchen canopies are the perfect solution for extracting steam, smoke, moisture, and pollutants from your kitchen. Explore our rangehoods below to find the perfect option for your kitchen.

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Whether building a kitchen from scratch or upgrading it one appliance at a time, picking the right elements is vital. Rangehoods are essential to any kitchen, as cooking in a poorly ventilated space can lead to several health and safety risks. Our rangehoods are designed to enhance your cooking experience and maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable kitchen environment.


A rangehood or canopy sits above the stovetop and works hard to improve ventilation and maintain air quality when cooking. The canopy extracts smoke, steam, moisture, and airborne pollutants from your kitchen, leaving a well-ventilated space.


Besides ensuring your safety and comfort, rangehoods protect your kitchen surfaces. Steam and excess moisture can lead to mould and mildew growth on kitchen surfaces. By cooking with a canopy, you can minimise moisture to ensure a clean and safe space for food preparation. Our rangehoods feature grease filters, enabling them to catch airborne grease, reducing the need for cleaning and minimising fire risk in the kitchen.


Whether making grilled cheese for one or cooking up a feast for the family, you can count on our sleek, high-quality rangehoods to create a safe and comfortable environment.

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