Duvet Inner

Duvet inners are the insulating core of a bedding system, offering comfort and warmth when placed inside a duvet cover. They are a versatile and popular bedding option, prized for their lightweight feel and ease of maintenance. Shop our range of cosy inners below.

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Duvet Inner

Add Warmth & Comfort to Your Bed

Duver inners are soft, flat, and filled with insulating materials, typically down, feathers, synthetic fibres, or a combination of these materials.


Duvet inners are known for their fluffiness and lightweight feel, making them cosy without feeling heavy. You can easily customise your bedding for seasonal preferences by selecting different fill weights. For example, you can opt for a lightweight inner for summer and a heavier one for the colder winter months.


To use a duvet inner, simply place it inside a duvet cover, which features buttons, zippers, or ties to secure the duvet in place. This combination of the inner duvet and the outer duvet cover not only provides warmth but also allows for easy cleaning, as the cover can be removed and washed.


Our inners come in various sizes to match standard bed dimensions, from a standard single bed to a California king. The choice of filling material, such as down or synthetic, depends on personal preferences and considerations like allergies and ethical concerns.


Find the perfect inner to add warmth and comfort to your bed; shop the full range above.


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