Money for what matters

Lifestyle Money is the finance partner of Home Express. Lifestyle Money provides flexible payment options that allow you to spread the cost over time.

There are two Lifestyle Money finance options for shopping at Home Express:

Everyday Account

The most flexible finance option, an Everyday Account may be able to help you get the things you need now and pay them off over time. It's the account you control and is there when you need it - a great way to shop for everyday items like clothing, shoes and games. All products featured on this website are available to purchase using an Everyday Account.

Once you’re approved for an Everyday Account following a quick and easy application process with Lifestyle Money’s friendly team, you can shop to the limit of your credit. You make small weekly or fortnightly payments but can also make additional payments on your account as often as you like. The amount you pay and the length of time you have been keeping up payments determines how much you can purchase each time you shop.

More information including interest rates, account fees, terms and conditions is available on the Lifestyle Money website.

Payment Plan

With Lifestyle Money’s Payment Plan, you can plan your budget and repayments when buying those larger items like fridges, washing machines and furniture because you can make set weekly or fortnightly payments spread over a specific period of time.

Lifestyle Money’s team will take you through a quick and simple credit application process and once approved, you can shop for items within our whiteware, furniture, technology, small appliances and outdoor categories. You can choose a term of up to 60 months for the payment of your goods (except mobile phones, which have a maximum term of 36 months), allowing you to make smaller, more affordable weekly or fortnightly payments.

A Payment Plan is only available via Home Express Sales Associates or the customer service team.

For more information including interest rates and account fees, terms and conditions is available on the Lifestyle Money website.