Make the perfect cup of tea or coffee with our kettles, jugs, and instant hot water dispensers. From delicious teas to put you to sleep to an invigorating cup of coffee to wake you up, you can count on our range for hot water in an instant! Explore our range of kettles below.

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Find the Right Kettle for Your Kitchen

Kettles are a staple in every kitchen. At Home Express, our models are high-quality, durable, and designed to be a long-term kitchen companion.


As a permanent fixture on your benchtop, finding a design that complements your kitchen is crucial. We have modern stainless steel, sleek black and glass options, and even red models to bring a fun pop of colour into the space. Whatever vibe you've created in your kitchen, we have a design that will compliment your space perfectly.


Our jugs come at different prices, with each model offering unique features, capacity limits, and other design elements. Most models include safety and energy efficiency features such as auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection. More advanced models have temperature control settings for precise brewing or cooking needs. For those who hate waiting for the water to boil, an instant hot water dispenser is the ideal solution; you can enjoy boiling water in less than seven seconds!


Explore the full range above and find the perfect kettle for your kitchen today.


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