Microwaves are versatile appliances that are small enough to fit in any kitchen space. Need to warm up leftovers or defrost something for dinner? Just pop it in, and it'll be ready in no time. Whether you are looking for your stock standard inverter model for simple heating or a model with advanced grill functions, we can help you. Buy microwaves online below.

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Find Your New Microwave Today

Whether you're a busy professional, a homemaker, or a culinary enthusiast, this handy small appliance will revolutionise your cooking experience. With sleek and modern designs, they seamlessly blend into any kitchen decor. But what's the right choice for your kitchen?

Consider the design

Your kitchen should prioritise a clean, sleek design to make the most out of the space. Upgrade your kitchen aesthetics with our stylish microwaves that blend form and function seamlessly. At Home Express, we stock appliances designed with modern kitchens in mind. Each model delivers exceptional performance and adds a touch of elegance to your countertop. The sleek exteriors and intuitive control panels make using our range a delightful experience.

Consider the features

It's not just about looks – our microwaves boast various features, from smart cooking programs and precise power settings to quick defrost options and sensor technology. Each setting ensures perfectly cooked meals every time.

Consider the capacity

Whether you're a household of one or eight, finding a microwave that meets your needs is easy. Our range caters to all household sizes with varying capacities, so you can heat up a quick snack or cook a full family feast.


Bring the art of effortless cooking into your kitchen today. Upgrade your space with Home Express and embrace the convenience, speed, and versatility microwave ovens bring to your daily culinary adventures! Explore the full range above.