Complete your kitchen with a reliable gas or induction cooktop. We have a range of two and four-burner cooktops for precise and controlled stove-top cooking. Whether replacing an old stove or upgrading your kitchen completely, shop from our range of high-quality cooktops below and complete your kitchen today.

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Find a Cooktop that Meets Your Needs

One burner or two? Gas or induction? Stainless steel or ceramic? Home Express has a versatile selection of cooktops to suit all cooking preferences. Choose from sleek and modern designs that seamlessly integrate into your space.


Our induction cooktops offer maximum precision, functionality, safety, and flexibility. Rather than heat transfer from a burner, they use electromagnetic induction to heat and cook food. These modern cooktops are stylish and easy to clean, thanks to their flat surface.


On the other hand, our gas cooktops deliver that classic cooking experience you love. They rely on a gas line and ignition source to produce an open flame for cooking. The responsiveness of gas cooktops gives you the freedom to switch from high to low heat quickly.


Browse our collection now to discover more impressive features of our cooktop range.

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