Bath Towels

Elevate your bathroom with our range of soft and luxurious bath towels and sheets, hand towels, and face cloths. Soft to the touch and with colours to suit any bathroom aesthetic, explore our full range of bath towels below.

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Bath Towels

Say Hello to Softness

Bath towels are indispensable in our daily lives, providing comfort and functionality beyond their simple appearance. At Home Express, we have soft, absorbent towels in various sizes, from standard towels to larger bath sheets. Our smaller towels are ideal for wrapping your hair, while our larger ones are perfect for wrapping your entire body for a cosy post-bath experience.


Our bath towels come in several colours, patterns, and designs, allowing you to coordinate them with your bathroom decor. Whether you prefer classic white towels for a clean and timeless look or vibrant hues to add a pop of colour, we have options to complement your bathroom's appearance.


After you pick your bath towels, make sure to take proper care of them! Wash and dry them regularly using low heat to retain their softness and absorbency. That way, you can enjoy soft and luxurious towels after every bath or shower! Browse our bath sheets and towels above to find a new set for your bathroom.


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